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If you have ever wondered what is inside Heywood House, this article will give you a guided tour of the site through its many fascinating doorways…

Doorways hold an array of detail and stories and importantly can represent new beginnings, allowing us to walk into new places but also walk out of difficult ones.

So what is it about doorways that draw people in? Is it the prospect of going somewhere different or new? A change of scene? Or into a new space? Going into a space of shelter and protection?

In the 400-year history of Heywood House, there will have been many people walking in and out of its doors, living here, working here, socialising here, growing up here.

Doorway Heywood House Serviced Offices

Today, many of these things still happen, with working, meeting, socialising, and networking going on in the business community that has been created here. With that in mind, reading on to discover some of the interesting doorways here and where they can lead you …


How do you show your visitors and guests a little about yourself before they have even met you? First impressions count for a lot and a front door is traditionally quite special because it is the main way in and out of a house and gives visitors and guests their first glimpse of the residents inside. Heywood House’s front door has several features highlighting the grandeur and status of its owners when it was built.


Brass Handles

The ironwork on the door and the intricate design of the door handle all make for a big first impression. Sir James Ley built Heywood House in 1603 and as Lord High Treasurer to James I it was important to highlight his rank and status. The doors that are here today do not necessarily belong to this era, but is likely a very similar style of door continued throughout the history of the house.

The detailed carving on the door was there to show wealth and the shields on the door would have highlighted the status of its owner.

The doorbell on the right hand side of the door matches the door handle and would have summoned someone to the door to answer your call.

The detailed stonework surrounding the front door is reminiscent of many churches and cathedrals, with the two carved faces and scroll work again highlighting the beliefs of the owners in side. Not quite as detailed as the main door at Bath Abbey, but you can see a definite similarity in style!

So…if we opened the front door at Heywood House today, where would it lead us?…


Office Space

You step inside the main hall, with its beautiful fireplace, lead-light windows and hi-tech facilities in the co-working area. Such a large and open space right in the centre of the Mansion.

This unique work environment has been opened up to co-working members so they can sit and work amongst these wonderful features and feel inspired to focus on the task in hand.

Co-working membership provides many free facilities including use of the co-working area, 50% discount on meeting rooms, free wifi, parking, printing and copying, tea coffee, hot desking in the Conservatory and use of the grounds and on site cafe. You are entering the heart of Heywood House and is a great chance to be part of the #businesscommunity here.

Continuing out of the Main Hall, we are confronted with a variety of doors we could go through. On the right is the Treasury, which is one of the larger meeting rooms here in Heywood House.



With fabulous wood paneling, The Treasury is kitted out with all the latest Hi-speed Internet, and AV equipment that you would need.

It is a large space with so many lovely features, including views over the front lawn down to the soon-to-be reinstated lake.

The next door we can go through is the Trust room, the smaller of the meeting rooms here at Heywood House.

It is perfect for those more intimate or private meetings or as a break-away space or interview location.

Bright, light and airy, again with all the hi-speed Internet and onsite catering you could need.


On leaving the Mansion past reception we are outside and faced with an array of other buildings to go to and doorways to go through. One of the most striking buildings on the southern side of the site is the Coach House.

Coach House

It is a beautiful building with an array of office spaces and companies inside. Some of which are currently available.

With views over the walled garden behind and the Wiltshire White Horse in front, it is a lovely location for an office space.

The curved windows draw in the light as well as visitors to the companies inside.

The stairwell still has the oak staircase with the National Trust Acorn at the foot of the staircase, a nod to another chapter in the life of the buildings here at Heywood House, when the National Trust had their Finance and Marketing Headquarters here until 2004 when they relocated to Swindon at Heelis House.


Walking out of the Coach House and up the hill, you will come across the lengthy and historic red brick walls of the walled garden.

There are 6 different entrances into the garden, with an array of views and vistas across the site and its buildings.

It’s a lovely spot to sit and have a break on one of the benches or relax for lunch on a picnic table or have an outside meeting as many members here do. Go for a walk around the site and walk through one door and into a totally new space.

A door is very symbolic in many ways as it can be seen as a gateway to new beginnings and also to close behind the past or previous events and surroundings.

Have you ever felt it’s time to walk into something new? Maybe it’s time to take the plunge and open that door to a new place…

If you fancy opening a door to your own new chapter here at Heywood House then get in touch with us to come and have a look around.

Tel: 01373 486800
Email: landlord@heywoodhouse.com


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