About Heywood House

About Heywood House

In 2005 we acquired Heywood House from The National Trust who were using this historic estate for their offices. Since then, we’ve worked hard to transform the premises without losing sight of it’s heritage: the indoor spaces now comprise an eclectic range of old and new, all stuffed with the latest technology.

We offer more than 18,000 sq. ft. of space for offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and conferences. Our tenants can also enjoy unfettered access to our café, a variety of catering choices, and an extensive array of services. And to this we also add 35 acres of private grounds which offer opportunities for training sessions and events alongside simple relaxation and enjoyment.

This estate serves as a haven for the business community, providing a space to nurture their enterprises and come together. But outside office hours, the grounds and select indoor areas open their doors to the public, hosting fundraising and cultural events, alongside access to walking trails, running circuits, the picturesque lake and an outdoor theatre, among other delights!

The History of Heywood House

Step into the captivating history of the Heywood Estate, where stories of land grants, intriguing characters, and architectural transformations weave a tapestry of the past. The journey begins in the 13th century, when Geoffrey Burnel bestowed one and a half virgates of land to Stanley Abbey. Fast forward to the 17th century, when the Ash family took the stage, followed by the adventurous Phipps and the visionary Gaisford Gibbs. Heywood House itself, once a country retreat, now stands as a refined hub of offices with a unique heritage.

In 1837, the present Heywood House emerged from the creative hands of Harvey Eginton of Worcester, on the very ground where its predecessor had stood. A place of both history and innovation, the interior reveals a grand central hall adorned with a fireplace echoing the 17th century, stately Doric columns, and stairs reminiscent of the early 18th century.

Throughout time, this estate has been a witness to transformations – from its role as an auxiliary hospital for wounded soldiers during World War 2 to its position as a hub for the National Trust from 1982 to 2005.

Heywood House Business Centre

Our tenure at Heywood House

In 2005, Heywood House found new purpose under the ownership of a local visionary. With a mission to craft adaptable workspaces beyond the urban rush, the tranquil haven of Heywood House emerged. Since then, our diverse community of office tenants has thrived, boasting an impressive average tenure of 8 years.

Our occupants primarily consist of enterprising Owner/Managers and Entrepreneurs spanning consultancy, technology, defense and security, design, software development, and various professional fields.

Nestled within our peaceful environment, we take security very seriously, with an attentive on-site team and extensive CCTV coverage. Our dedicated IT network features dependable hard-wired internet, smooth Wi-Fi, and reliable firewalls. A strong backup system reinforces our broadband, and our  Cyber Essentials accreditation reflects our commitment to cyber defense.