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What is Stress and what is Burnout? What are some of the very real symptoms that we experience and how do we counteract these? This workshop takes the time to explore what is going on in our bodies and minds at times of stress and looks at some ways to bring balance back to our systems.

In this 45 minute morning session, Business Psychologist, Belinda Westwood, will provide knowledge on stress and burnout and share some tools/techniques that can help develop skills to balance our mental energy to avoid burnout and manage stress effectively.

What will you gain:

  • Get to know some fellow members at Heywood House
  • Learn more about what happens when we stress – physically and mentally
  • Gain knowledge on how to build skills that can help create and maintain mental resilience
  • Take away tools to use, handouts, awareness, choices, knowledge, stories, new connections, interesting references
  • Tea, Coffee and a delicious light breakfast