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How to Manage Work/Life Balance During the Summer Holidays

Keeping the kids entertained and managing your workload all whilst maintaining your sanity throughout the summer holidays can sometimes seem like an impossible task! Here are some tips on balancing your work and family needs this summer…

Work Life Balance in Summer Holidays

Create a Schedule

Plan and agree your working schedule with the family. Set out a timetable so everyone is aware of your start and finish time, including your lunch and any coffee breaks. Creating a clear schedule is a great way to set boundaries and expectations for the week ahead.

Plan Ahead

Make the most of everything on offer to help with childcare this summer for when you really need to get your head down at work. This could include summer camps, activity clubs, days out with relatives, or perhaps even doing childcare swaps with other working parents in your area.


Maintain Balance

As important as it is to have peace and quiet during your working hours, it is also vital to schedule in some downtime with the kids for fun activities. Planning regular quality family time during the summer holidays will help provide a good balance for all to enjoy.


Start Early

The early morning is your new best friend. Make the most of this time before the house stirs to tick off any necessary jobs that need completing before the day starts. This could be life admin, house chores, or maybe just a quick yoga session on YouTube.

Switch Off

When you have finished work for the day, be sure to turn off your laptop and work phone so you are not tempted to pick up emails and calls outside of your scheduled hours. As much as the kids need to respect your working hours, you need to respect their time to have your full attention.

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