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4 ways to add a spring in your step at work

Spring in your step article

The long slog of winter is finally over, and spring is now upon us!

If like so many of us, you are feeling a bit flat and stagnant in the workplace and finding that spring hasn’t quite revitalized your enthusiasm, keep reading for some helpful tips on adding a spring back into your step at work!

To Do List

1) Shake up your to-do list

If your list appears endless, consider employing the ‘Triple D’ strategy: Do it, Dump it, Delegate it. Prioritize the essential tasks on your list and allocate time to accomplish them. For larger tasks, break them down into more manageable segments. If an item has lingered on your list for an extended period, it may no longer warrant your attention and should be discarded. Likewise, if certain tasks aren’t within your expertise or availability, don’t hesitate to delegate them to someone better suited for the job.

Gratitude Walk

2) Go for a gratitude walk

Just a 10-minute stroll each day whilst focusing on the aspects of life that you are most thankful for can have a huge positive impact on your physical and mental health. This small and simple practice of gratitude and mindfulness can instil a profound sense of contentment, while the added bonus of light exercise triggers the release of endorphins, boosting your mood.

Now that’s a lot of feel-good factors for just 10 minutes a day!


3) Adopt mindful nourishment

Nourishment plays a huge part in our overall wellbeing. Consider integrating some nutrient-rich snacks into your work routine. Nuts and raw carrot sticks, for instance, are excellent options packed with essential vitamins. Their crunchy texture not only provides a satisfying munch but also engages your jaw muscles, effectively stimulating your facial muscles and enhancing alertness.

Take a break

4) Take a break

Maintaining constant work doesn’t equate to productive work. It’s crucial to incorporate brief intervals into your workday, including a dedicated lunch break. Stepping away from your desk and screen provides a chance to rest your eyes and mind, allowing for a much-needed reset before diving back into the afternoon’s tasks.

Remember, take breaks to prevent burnout!

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