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Thursday 24th September 2020
13:00pm – 14:00pm

Staying Connected and Energised in the New Normal We are very excited to announce that Simon Tyler one of the world’s leading business coaches, a connecting and entertaining speaker, and an inspirational author, will return to Heywood House virtually for his own ‘Light Bites’ session. After our incredibly successful first ‘Toast Talks’ session with him, we are excited to see what the man who spoke to us about ‘Your Flippin’ Attitude’ has to offer the business community this time!

The way we connect has changed, the flow of feedback, energy, emotion, ideas, encouragement, and team working has shifted massively in this remote working world. Join Simon, who has worked with hundreds of business executives and their teams to influence and provoke positive change.

Simon will highlight the subtle, and less subtle things that are happening in the business world right now and steps we can take to inspire and be inspired in this new normal.