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Can Nature boost your creativity?

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It is a known fact that nature has a positive effect on our physical health and mental wellbeing, but did you know that time spent in the great outdoors can also have a huge impact on your creativity?

Research has shown that taking breaks from technology such as laptops and smartphones to step outside into our natural surroundings can activate the brain to enter a stage called ‘Restful Introspection’ which gives the brain a chance to recharge and reset, giving us the opportunity for our creative juices to begin flowing again. Being in lockdown from Covid19 has given many of us the opportunity to actively step outside, and many of us may have noticed the benefits this brings.

So how exactly do outdoor spaces and gardens inspire creativity?

Space to Stop

Many of us know that feeling when you have a seemingly never-ending workload that just keeps piling up, and you feel overwhelmed and stressed out and as a result, you just can’t get your mind to focus on anything – does that sound familiar? It has been said that being in nature can create an illusion of time standing still, temporarily. The stillness of a tree, a gentle breeze, leaves blowing in the wind, the beauty, and simplicity of plants and flowers. All these factors found within outdoor spaces can have a calming effect on our brains, delivering an almost ‘grounding’ effect which promotes relaxation.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, take the time to stop, step away from your desk and into the outdoors for a few minutes and find yourself reaping the benefits of the newfound productivity and motivation.


Space to Recall

Have you ever had so many different things on your mind that you completely forget something? It could be a small task such as calling a friend back or forgetting an appointment, the point is your brain is working overtime and in need of some time out. The unfortunate thing about a busy

mind is that if you don’t give your brain a rest from time to time, it will begin to slightly fail you in ways. The good news is that research has shown that being in a natural environment can boost your memory, enabling you to overcome mental blocks and encourage inventive reasoning. Amazingly, one of the great benefits of enjoying time in nature is the ability to reach your full creative potential.

Surely that’s worth taking your coffee break in the garden for?! Even if you are working from home, step outside throughout the day and enjoy it.


Space to Repair

External stresses can have a negative impact on the brain, causing an overload of thoughts and information, leading to a decrease in brain function and efficiency. However, exposure to a natural stimulus allows the brain time to restore itself, ultimately resetting and ridding itself of toxins caused by stress and pressure. This process allows us to replenish new ideas by accessing newly available pragmatic thinking patterns, leading to better focus and improved performance on tasks that require problem-solving.

In a nutshell, time spent outside = better brain function!


Space for the Mind

Have you heard of the term, Mindfulness? Chances are you probably have, particularly in the current post Covid19 world. This is the practice of being fully present in the current moment without rerunning events from the past or worrying about the future and how things will turn out.

Outdoor spaces and gardens provide the perfect setting to exercise mindfulness. Try this as a starter:

  • Sit in a quiet space
  • Focus on your senses one by one
  • Mentally list what you notice- what can you see/hear/feel/taste/smell?

This short exercise can give your mental health a positive boost, increasing your energy levels, and having a positive overall effect on your happiness and wellbeing. Furthermore, time spent in nature can help you sleep better which can reduce fatigue, leaving more room in your mind for inspiration and creativity.

Space for the Body

We all know that physical activity is good for our bodies and mental health, however, sometimes just the thought of exercise can be exhausting right?! Images of lycra, heavyweights, and sweaty faces spring to mind! It’s not really that appealing! Nature provides us with the perfect backdrop to take part in some gentle (or strenuous, depending on your preference) exercise.

Walking is such an underestimated activity, it is easy, it’s free and with experts recommending a 20-minute stroll a day, it’s very achievable. Plus, walking in nature can also increase curiosity and imagination, taking in the natural environment and all that it has to offer. So, pop on your trainers, breathe in some fresh air and enjoy the feel-good endorphins from the physical movement. It’s a win/win; healthy body, healthy mind!

In conclusion, all these factors are linked and go hand in hand with the connection between nature and creativity. It has been proven that disconnecting from technology and immersing yourself into the great outdoors and taking in all that it has to offer will provide you with an abundance of positive benefits.


If you are able to incorporate nature into your workday as well as your home life, then it is likely you will reap the benefits mentally, physically, and creatively, helping you reach your potential and goals. Creative thinking can help you solve a problem or come up with that winning idea or solution.



Heywood House in Wiltshire is set within 25 acres of glorious grounds and parklands, providing tenants and members with an idyllic setting to achieve inspiration and productivity throughout the working day.

Whether taking a stroll at lunchtime, holding an outdoor meeting, making use of the running circuit for exercise or just taking 5 minutes to breathe in the fresh air with your coffee and listen to the breeze rustling through the trees and the birdsong in the distance, at Heywood House, there is space to breathe.


We offer the perfect combination of first-class business facilities, office space, coworking, meeting room, event spaces and on-site members cafe within the beautiful surroundings of nature and historic buildings. You can walk outside your office door and take a much-needed break from the screen and can guarantee that you will never be stuck for a creativity boost here.

Heywood House provides you with the space to breathe and room to grow.

If you are looking to join an exceptional work environment within a tranquil setting, then get in touch with us to book a visit: landlord@heywoodhouse.com or alternatively, click here for more information: https://www.heywoodhouse.com/work-space/



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