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Is this is as good as it gets?

Louise never imagined that burnout would happen to her, she was a success story who fell hard and didn’t want anyone to know. Never in peacetime have we lived in more uncertain times, our world is full of fear, conflict, and division. We’re expected to make 5-year business plans and we’d love to make some long term personal plans but circumstances beyond our control are changing fast and some of us are only surviving when we all deserve to thrive.


Invited to speak nationally as an entrepreneurial role model, Louise quickly learned that audiences wanted to know more about her personal story. It took courage to publicly admit what she saw as failing but feedback shows that her audiences appreciate, identify and learn from her vulnerability and honesty.


Louise’s anecdotes and stories, both good and bad, offer sage advice as to how to get through and break out of the perceived shackles of the modern-day.

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